Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm shaking up my blogs, once again!

I've decided to change my blogs up once again, hopefully for the last time.

This blog, Bio With Dylan, will be my science blog, where I only talk science. I have a few essays in various draft forms which I'm excited to post, and I hope this will be a cool way for me to practice my science writing. It would be great if I could post two essays a month, but I know I'm getting ahead of myself.

My old science blog (which also had a lot of college stuff on it too), is over at Bio With Dylan at Clark. That blog has by far the most content.

My third blog has been changed to NYC with Dylan. Here I will post my general musings on NYC life and my adjustments to a Ph.D. program at CUNY. I might make this blog more of a microblog, where I can post my pictures of the city and so on.

At some point I'll connect the three blogs together much better, but for now I'm focused on getting my content up on the web and catching up and such.

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